Meet these engines of shared value.

richmedium clients have tapped the power of social innovation to launch, gain scale, attract and grow support, and shape the future of their respective fields.


RSF Social Finance. One of the most respected social finance institutions in the world has transformed itself into a collaborative network of investors, donors, and social entrepreneurs dedicated to the long-range goal of “reimagining money.”

Restore the Earth Foundation. This nonprofit environmental organization is restoring the Mississippi River Basin back to environmental health, leveraging a shared-value business model and breakthrough reporting tool; and organizing a collaborative network of businesses, governmental agencies, impact investors, and philanthropists.

Earthfire Institute. This wildlife refuge center based in rural Idaho is transforming itself into a dynamic, online, interdisciplinary community of practice, engaging changemakers around the globe in dialogue about how to heal humanity’s connection with the natural world.

Frederick P. Lenz Foundation. This private charity has greatly extended the impact of its grantmaking by encouraging and training its grantees to engage in cross-sector collaborations among each other and with the academic and business communities.

Tricycle. This traditional nonprofit magazine publisher broke new ground in its field by converting its core business into an online, membership-based community for individuals interested in mindfulness, meditation, and Buddhist practice.

Community Environmental Council. One of the oldest community-based environmental action organizations in the US, the Community Environmental Council reinvented itself in mid-life by renewing its commitment to stakeholder engagement in setting objectives, designing solutions, and assessing results.

richmedium clients include:

  • Mission-driven media organizations
  • Purpose-driven tech firms
  • Impact investment firms
  • Impact accelerators
  • Nonprofit social enterprises
  • Social enterprise and impact grantmakers
  • Purpose-driven nonprofit communities and spiritual communities
  • Environmental action organizations
  • Policy organizations