Discover a new way to create value in our interconnected world.

Business innovation is no longer about strategy and tactics, disruption and domination. It’s about values and practices, sharing and shaping. Welcome to the new discipline of social innovation.


Social innovation is a new way to create value in a world where cause and effect are never far apart. Your people, your funders, and your partners all want to know that they are working together to create powerful solutions that meet real human needs. Your clients, competitors, and the public—they all want to see that your actions are really delivering on your promise. Transparency is at the core of social innovation.

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Our social innovation framework is a platform for designing and shaping highly distributed, collaborative networks of partners and stakeholders who together accomplish what no one can do on their own. These collaborative networks create broad and wide-ranging benefits for all participants, while producing a stronger, more sustainable, and flexible organization at the hub. With this approach, you transform your enterprise into an engine of shared value.

Our social innovation framework promotes a set of values that are transparently baked into your business model and reflected in every layer of your enterprise. Collaborative practices help you to achieve breakthrough results.

Learn how our social innovation framework can help you create powerful solutions that meet real human needs.