We can help you create the future we all want.

richmedium is a social innovation firm that helps purpose-driven organizations discover new ways to create value in our interconnected world.


We work with business and nonprofit leaders, investors, and funders to design and implement powerful, collaborative solutions that address our most pressing challenges, fulfill human needs and aspirations, and secure our planet for future generations. Through the discipline of social innovation, we help you to transform your enterprise into an engine of shared value.

Richard Landry is richmedium’s founder and CEO. A senior executive with more than thirty years of experience leading emerging enterprises through periods of transformative change, Landry is an innovator and thought leader on the convergence of media, technology, and social purpose, and has been at the forefront of new ways to fund and grow social enterprises.

We are an agile consultancy with our own collaborative network of practice leaders in branding, site design, social media, impact assessment, and organizational development.

JRDG/Brand Design & Communications. JRDG offers a broad range of strategic communication design services, from concept through creation. Its team of international design specialists tackles each project with creativity, enthusiasm and a commitment to delivering exceptional results.

Ibis Communications. This full-service branding and marketing firm has been led for more than a decade by inclusive marketing expert MaryAnne Howland. In its mission to create a more inclusive economy, Ibis specializes in helping purpose-driven brands develop and implement communication strategies that produce stronger brand identity, increased market share, greater customer loyalty, and greater profits.

SVT Group. Led by impact management pioneer Sara Olsen, since 2001 this firm has focused exclusively on the issue of how to measure social and environmental impact in a practical, value-added, and credible way.

Authentic Leadership. Our independent consulting partners Susan Skjei and Arawana Hayashi have the unique ability to create energetic and high-trust learning environments that accelerate the achievement of practical organizational results while building strong, collaborative relationships, using the Presencing Institute’s Theory U framework and methodology.

Our interest areas include:

  • Cross-sector collaboration

    • Addressing large-scale challenges via collaborative approaches that integrate the interests of all key stakeholders in a system

  • Environment

    • Leveraging market principles to drive investment into environmental renewal and habitat protection

  • Social Return on Investment

    • Incentivizing the corporate sector to invest in the public good

  • Women’s leadership

    • Advancing women’s leadership role in social enterpreneurship, environmental and social activism, and civil society organizations

  • Arts

    • Designing funding mechanisms that recognize the role of the arts in fostering prosperous, resilient, and inclusive communities and societies

  • Children of color

    • Creating pipelines to economic prosperity and societal participation for young men and women of color

  • Transgender rights

    • Mobilizing Aspirational Consumers and purpose-driven brands to support this human-rights issue